Launch Q2 2020



Launch Q3 2020


Individual payment solutions, ERP integrations, chat bots, user administration.


Data analysis and dashboards with market information.


Optimization of freight networks and automatic determination of freight prices.






Transformation and digital change represent the future challenges of the construction industry. N1 Trading is therefore a member of buildingSMART e. V. and collaborates with its members on digital solutions.




N1 Mission

Digital Ecosystem Construction


In future, purchase and sale of building materials will take place on online platforms. Platforms combine information and functionality and help to digitalize processes. The goal of a platform is to simplify and accelerate processes and to offer users added value.


The neutral and independent platforms of N1 Trading offer the digital purchase and sale of building materials in the direct business between supplier and customer. N1 Trading is not part of a business, but provides the technical infrastructure. In addition, N1 Trading develops software solutions for the automatic evaluation of specifications as well as for the creation of market forecasts.


The construction industry shows currently a low degree of digitalization. Many companies are preparing for digitalization or are already in the process of digital transformation. Due to the complexity of the industry, digital solutions can only be implemented by taking an overall view. The result will be a digital ecosystem for the construction industry.


The aim of N1 Trading is the development of a digital ecosystem that includes digital solutions in all stages of the construction cycle for civil and building construction. The digital ecosystem construction is an open system. We are looking forward to the dialogue with interested companies.


Our vision. Our mission. The Digital Ecosystem Construction.


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